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Caves and Caverns

Bozkovské Caves in the Bohemian Paradise - the only accessible dolomite caverns in the Czech Republic, unique for their special coloured formations and the largest underground lake in the Czech Republic 115 km northeast of Prague. We recommend this excursion for visitors to Krkonoše (Giant Mountains).

Chýnovská Cave in South Bohemia a charming cavern with crystallic stalactites situated near the town of Tábor. 90 km south of Prague.

Koněpruské Caves - the caves consist of three levels with spectacular stalagmites and stalactites. In the Middle Ages the caverns housed a secret workshop of money forgers and a uniquely installed exhibition harks back to those times. The accessible part is 620m long and the sightseeing tour lasts 1 hour. 30 km southwest of Prague. We recommend combining the visit with an excursion to the Karlštejn Castle.

Moravian Carst - Macocha - the deepest chasm in Europe, is just one of the attractions of the Moravský Kras area. Besides this, there are numerous breathtaking caverns that are not to be missed. Optional transports by a cable car over a chasm or an underground boat cruise in Punkevní Cave as far as the floor of the Macocha Abyss. Thanks to the outstandingacoustics, concerts are held in some caves. 20 km north of Brno.

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