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Křižík´s Fountain

Křižík´s Fountain
Do you want to see a nice water and light show? Never seen it before? So, in this case accept the invitation at the Křižík´s Fountain. This unique building, unrivalled in Europe, was constructed in the premises of Prague´s Exhibition Ground as early as during the World Exhibition in 1891. Designed as an amphitheatre today, it can seat up to 6000 visitors. Performances can take place even in inclement weather as most of the seats are roofed.


Křižík´s Fountain is equipped with incredible three thousand nozzles managed by fifty water pumps, and with twelve hundred underwater floodlights of various colours.

Become enchanted by high water geysers, hundreds of dancing water drops, the play of lights and the most beautiful melodies. Become enchated by Križík´s Fountain.

You can spend exceptional moments with the best musical and film melodies but with the classical music of Dvořák, Smetana and Vivaldi as well. Several times per week there are also scenic projets from Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, Carmen etc. Top dance ensembles use the large stage situated directly in the middle of the fountain pool.


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