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Konstantinovy Lázně

510m above sea level
Spa Characteristics & Treatments:
> complex diagnostics, treatments of cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, and diabetes
> natural mineral springs, springs with high sulphur oxide contents
> balneotherapy, electrotherapy, fyziotherapy, inhalations, and other spa procedures
About the destination:
The only spa centre of the Plzeň district, it is one of the oldest known locations of curative mineral springs in the Czech lands – the first literary mention of a mineral spring here (nicknamed ‘Stinky’ for its sulphuric characteristics) dates back to early 16th century. The district offers many interesting historical places – Teplá Monastery, Manětín Castle (the ‘pearl of Czech Baroque’), Gutstein or Falkenstein castle ruins, and many others.
> 20 km from Plzeň, 110 km from Prag
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