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Mariánské Lázně

600m above sea level
Spa Characteristics & Treatments:
> metabolic and kidney disorders, diseases of the urinary tract, upper respiratory tract, skin problems, disorders of the locomotive apparatus, gynaecological diseases, nervous disorders, and post-trauma treatments
> 40 curative springs, peat and natural gas
> drinking therapy, peat baths and packs, and other spa procedures
> 6 km from Mariánské Lázně there is another spa town Kynžvart Spa (780m above sea level), which features six ferric mineral water springs and specialises in treating
About the destination:
Apart from its natural curative resources and harmonious and relaxing late 19th century spa centre,Mariánské Lázně is renowned as a cultural centre, especially in the musical scene
(Fryderyk Chopin Festival, International Music Festival, and more). The area is also a natural
paradise with three natural peat-bog reserves and the Kladská reserve, inviting for pleasant walks. A number of historical architectural monuments are located in the area, too – Teplá Monastery, Kynžvart and Cheb, just to name a few.
>160 km west of Prague
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