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250m above sea level
Spa Characteristics & Treatments:
> respiratory diseases and diseases of the digestive system, metabolic disorders, and locomotive apparatus disorders
> 14 kinds of mineral water springs and 1 sulphuric spring
> drinking therapy, inhalations, baths, and other spa procedures
About the destination:
Set amidst forests, in a picturesque valley of the Olšava River, Luhačovice features unique architecture inspired by the traditional folk architecture style. Interesting sights are also abundant in the region – Buchlov Castle, Buchlovice Chateau, Vizovice Chateau, pilgrimage site Velehrad or the historical city of Kroměříž, dubbed the ‘pearl of Moravia’. Traditional folklore festivals are held in Starý Hrozénkov and other villages in the region.
> 290 km east of Prague
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