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189m above sea level
Spa Characteristics &Treatments:
> cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and locomotive apparatus disorders
> cool mineral springs with high carbon dioxide, magnesium, and calcium content
About the destination:
The Poděbrady settlement was founded in 1224 as a fort on the Elbe River. It was granted town status by King George of Poděbrady, whose name it carries until today. However, the curative effects of the local springs were only recognised quite recently – Poděbrady did not become a spa destination until he beginning of the 20th century. The relaxing spa
atmosphere, the welcoming environment of the lush lowlands, and its close proximity to Prague are surely some of the main attractions of Poděbrady, which hosts many smaller conferences and cultural festivals each year. The open-air museum of folk architecture in
Přerov nad Labem and the ancient town of Nymburk are just two notable tourist  destinations in the vicinity.
> 50 km from Prague
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