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> ‘…This year our company experienced its second stay abroad in cooperation with your travel agency, this time at a congress in Cancún. The first occurred last year at your suggestion – and after a broad variety of offers from other travel agencies – in Madeira. I was a little afraid of how my thirty colleagues would take a stay in this, for us, quite
unusual country, which you yourselves recommended to us. I can tell you that everyone was downright thrilled. That was due not only to the beautiful country itself, but also the agendas and accommodation you chose for us, and the sharp guide who managed all the organizational matters without a hitch. From my position, I particularly appreciate the flexibility with which you resolved all of our requests (and there were more than a few)
and changes during the selection process…
… This year the congress was held in Cancún, Mexico. I must again note that everyone was delighted with the choice of hotel, the agenda, and the support from the guide. Without her I don’t know how we could have managed some of the things that I suppose are common occurrences in this exotic country…
… From my position, I highly value the communication with your travel agency, that all deadlines were kept, and your maximal effort to accommodate us concerning everything we could possibly think of…
Allow me to once again express my gratitude for both events. I’m looking forward to our future activities together.’

>>> Michaela Kvasničková, assistant to the director,
Bristol-Myers Squibb, s.r.o., Conva-Tec division
(Business conference, Portugal/Madeira, May 2003;
Congress Mexico/Cancún, May 2004)

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