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Ford Motor Company

> ‘For some time now our company has been using the services of TBS travel agency for arranging congress and conference events of various types, above all in the Czech Republic. We especially appreciate the professional approach of TBS’ employees, their organizational skills, the personal effort they exert in the preparation phase as well as during the event itself, and their flexibility and willingness to help.
We are also very satisfied with the pricing, which is an important part of our decision-making process, and we deem it, in light of the high quality of services provided, very sound, and always receptive to our budget limitations and requests. We are pleased to have found a supplier who meets our expectations outright, and we wish TBS many
more satisfied customers.’

>>> Sales department, FORD MOTOR COMPANY, s.r.o.
(Meeting for business partners, Czech Republic/
Špindlerův Mlýn, December 2006)

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